All of the treatments work to improve the quality of your hair by returning keratin (a natural substance of the hair, skin and nails) into the hair cuticle and revitalizing the feel, look and consistency of your hair combined with special Keratin Cure hydrating ingredients to give a natural shine and fabulous texture to your hair. Please make sure that your hair is strong enough to endure an intensive treatment that involves much washing, blow drying and flat ironing at very high temperatures. Brittle hair may require more strengthening and reparation treatments before performing any Keratin Treatment. Majestic keratin Protein Organic treatments has no formaldehyde. For all types of hair. Wash same day with pleasant smell and produce no fumes and will straighten the hair 70-90% depending on how course the hair was before the treatment, frizz is 100% eliminated. Majestic Hair Botox has no formaldehyde. The most advanced hair treatment system that is currently in the world today, with BONT’L Peptide mixture with ingredients found in Botox. Can be applied for all Types of hair and has amazing results on thin/brittle hair and acts as a total hair reparation treatment. Re-application cannot be applied until at least 2-3 months between treatments. Majestic Hair Botox has 70%-85% or more depending on how course the hair was before the treatment, frizz is 100% eliminated and the shine of the hair is unbelievable. This treatment has no fumes whatsoever! The treatment is washed before the flat iron is even used! Most professionals enjoy performing this treatment for this reason. This treatment is ideal for Blonde, Light colored and Red Hair because it will not have any color changes if preformed correctly. Majestic Brazilian Hair Treatment Gold & Honey / Chocolate. Works as magic for coarse, very curly hair, Will straighten the hair 95-100%. Eliminate frizz 100%. Professionals find this treatment very easy to apply. Wash same day formula, you don’t need to wait until the next day to wash your hair. Should not be performed on pregnant/nursing woman or children. 
YES. Everyone is a good candidate, especially those with frizzy, damaged or processed hair. Majestic Keratin treatments are hair re-constructers which work to repair the hair root to tip and would benefit every type of hair (permed, fine, course, frizzy, curly, color treated, extensions, and Japanese treatments). 
You can repeat it as many times as you want! The Majestic Keratin treatments are completely safe! But we would suggest that you allow the treatment to set into your hair before starting the whole process again. At least a week or two. 
That depends on the nature of the hair and number of times Keratin Treatments have been applied, but usually three to six months. Be sure to continue to wash with Majestic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioners because other products containing sodium chloride will strip the treatment from the hair. Our after-care products are designed to balance the pH levels of the hair and assist in prolonging the treatment while maintaining its ultimate shine. 
You will notice your hair is very straightened, hydrated, shinier and soft. All Majestic Keratin Treatments create a protective layer of Keratin that boosts your hairs to being full of life, healthy and luxurious during the duration of your treatment. 
Majestic Keratin Protein ORGANIC and Majestic Hair Botox treatments contain absolutely 0% formaldehyde! There will be no irritation of the eyes or skin, and no bad smell. 
It depends on the length and texture of the hair, for shoulder length hair the usual amount needed is 60 ml / 2 oz. Some people make the mistake of over applying thinking that it the hair will be more straightened, that is not true. Over saturating the hair will make the procedure fail. Please use the indicated amount or as needed for the length and volume of the hair or the hair will be difficult to brush and flat iron during the process and will result in white dandruff like flaking. Please use a fine tooth comb during the process to distribute the product evenly and remove all excess products. 
Always use a flat iron that can reach up to 450 Fahrenheit or 230 Celsius. Use moderation while performing the treatment on different hair types and take into consideration the texture of the hair. For Light colored, fine and bleached hair, use 375F/180C temperature. We also offer a Special flat iron and hair tools for your convenience. 
Yes, you should use after Care Products that don’t contain any sodium chloride. We strongly suggest that you use Majestic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioners, Majestic Leave In, Majestic Keratin Hair Mask and Majestic Keratin Serum that are compatible to the treatments and prolong treatment in your hair. 
We recommend that you wait another week after having another treatment such as coloring, de coloring, etc. Just take into account that at times light colored (dyed hair of light color) and dyed red colored hair might experience fading to do the leveling of PH our Botanical main ingredient. So we recommend that you dye your hair one degree darker if you are planning to have the Majestic Treatment done after coloring. Note: With the Majestic Hair BOTOX treatment, you don’t need to worry about any changes in color as long as the treatment is done correctly. 
Yes, Hair Relaxers and Henna have no effect on the Majestic Treatments. 
All exposure to salt and chlorine will strip the hair of any Keratin Treatment. Always apply Majestic Keratin Serum before the Beach or swimming pool to seal your hair strands and protect the Majestic Treatment. Enjoy swimming with No worries with Majestic Keratin serum. 
Since our treatments can be washed any time after the treatments, you can color anytime! Just allow the color to remain in the hair 10 minutes longer than usual while applying. Usually waiting one week after the treatment is preferred so to ensure that the cuticles of the hair are well set in with the treatment before the color process. 
Pregnant women after their 6 month trimester may proceed with the Majestic Keratin Protein Treatment or the Majestic Hair Botox only with caution to any individual sensitivity that may be occurring. 
Only the Majestic Keratin Organic and the Majestic Hair Botox for Children over 8 years of age. (To be applied by a professional at all times)